Sexual problems
Sexual problems may have a sudden or gradual onset, or may be life-long.
They can affect anyone at any stage in life.

There are many possible contributing factors to sexual problems, including unhappiness in the couple relationship; unresolved conflict about childbirth, parenting and household chores; aging; illness and disease such as cancer, and prescription medicines; affairs and extramarital sex; sexual addiction; the impact of surgery, trauma and torture; bereavement; work stress and exhaustion.

Psychosexual therapy may help alleviate and resolve the types of problems set out here.


loss of sexual desire and sexual avoidance
erection and ejaculation difficulties
inability to orgasm
sexual boredom and dissatisfaction
pain during sex
negative body image

loss of sexual desire and sexual avoidance
fear of penetration; vaginismus
pain during sex; dyspareunia
lack of arousal and vaginal lubrication
inability to orgasm
sexual dissatisfaction
negative body image.