Specialist in treating sexual problems
The major part of my clinical experience is in helping heterosexual and same-sex couples, single men and single women resolve sexual and relationship problems. Sexual problems may be complex, distressing and symptomatic of deeper anxieties. My aim is to help clients unravel the roots of unhappy patterns of relating and move towards creative partnerships.

Theoretical approach
My theoretical approach combines psychosexual therapy, attachment and psychodynamic psychotherapy and, where helpful, cognitive behavioural therapy tools (CBT) and sexual information.


 Pregnancy and childbirth
I have a special interest in sexual difficulties which emerge when couples try to conceive a baby. In these cases, therapy may help the couple relax together in sex and later create a supportive relationship as parents.

Medical awareness
I maintain an up-to-date awareness of medical treatments for sexual problems.

Code of ethics and good practice
I abide by the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists’ (COSRT) Code of Ethics and Principles of Good Practice  www.cosrt.org.uk.